Word Processor - work with images, pictures and photos

What good is a word processor if you can't add some images? Here we give you some tips for adding pictures to your page, and moving them around.

Working with pictures in Word 2003

This next simple video below introduces searching for and inserting Clip Art. The Picture Toolbar is used to wrap text around the image. This video belongs to Asterpix Interactive videos

This next video below shows how to search for and insert Clip Art into a document. Using the Picture Toolbar, you can then resize the image, wrap the text around it and move it to another place in the text. It then shows how to insert a picture from a file into a table.

by EdTechMusician at Teachertube.

More advanced skills with Images in Word 2003

The following video belongs to the WonderHowTo collection of demonstration videos. It shows how to copy an image using Printscreen, crop it using the Picture Toolbar, wrap text around a picture and edit a picture's brightness and contrast. Also covers inserting a picture from Clip art and from file and compressing pictures in a document.