Word processor - formatting, basic

Every word processor allows you to change the look of your text: to make words appear bold, italic or underlined, to change the colour and size of your text, the space between lines, the appearance of the page. Here are some tips for making these changes.

Cut and paste text

A beginner level exercise to practise cutting and pasting single words into a text (cloze) using Standard Toolbar buttons OR keyboard shortcuts:

You'll need to save the word document: Right Click the Word doc icon and Save link as... to the place on your PC where you can practise. After you save and print your completed task, you can assess your progress by ticking the skills that you practised. (Adapted from an Acebank activity.)

Adding a Page border

The next video shows how to add a border to your page: good for notices or resumes. Volume is low so you may need to adjust your volume control.
by Linno Rhodes

Using some different templates

The next video shows how to select and use Templates other than the usual Normal Template in Word to create Memos and Resumes quickly.
by Jill koppel, CNLC

Inserting Page numbers

The next video shows how to add Page numbers to your document - simply and easily.

by Linno Rhodes, CNLC

Work your Headers and Footers

This video shows how to work headers and footers in word 2000/2003 This is a very easy to follow step – by – step tutorial looking at
very basic Headers and Footers.

How to put a header and footer in word - More related videos from Asterpix