Use a word processor: create files in word '03 (microsoft)

Inserting some text in a document

This video is suited to ESL students and beginners with WORD and shows how to insert a word or letter into a document.
by Toni Lechte, CNLC

Basic editing to change the font size, add a heading and correct the punctuation in a document

The following video shows how to make the text larger, fix the errors in punctuation and put in a heading.
by Toni Lechte, CNLC

Using Save and Save As in Word 2003

The next video shows the difference between Save and Save As by saving the document to another location.
by Jill Koppel, CNLC

Using the Spell Check Tool to correct your spelling and typing

The next video shows how to use Spell Check to find and correct spelling and typing errors.
by Jill Koppel, CNLC
Thanks also to C.Price and J.Wix, Software Publications 2005 for text used in this screencast.

Let's learn about the Task Pane

The next video shows firstly how to remove it from your New Document window (when you don't need it) and how to use it effectively as you work.